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Secure your documents with certified Time Stamps.

Proove the validity of your documents with Firmaprofesional’s qualified Time Stamp, a digital record demonstrating that your document exists from a certain date and time, and has never been altered.



Firmaprofesional, your partner in document security.

Firmaprofesional is a Qualified Trusted Services Provider (QTSP) recognized by the eIDAS regulation for Time Stamp technology.
Legal Validity

A time stamp that guarantees the integrity of a document with a certain date and time is essential for any possible claim, trial or procedure with public administrations where it is necessary to demonstrate that something has been sealed or signed before a certain date.


A qualified Time Stamp constitutes digital evidence of the initial signing date and current integrity of an electronic document. Protect signatures and electronic stamps with Firmaprofessional’s certified technology.

EU Authenticity

A certified electronic time stamp issued in one European Union member state is recognised as a qualified time stamp in all European Union member states.

What can I use a Qualified Time Stamp for?

Invoice signature.

Publication of calls to governing bodies, such as the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Certified digitization of paper documents.

PDF documents.

Signature of contracts.

Resealing of electronic documents that incorporate an electronic signature for long-term custody.

Sealing of documents incorporating electronic identity evidence.

Case studies

Qualified Time Stamp Case Studies

The insurance company and health and wellness service Sanitas provides users with time stamps for their medical history. Facilitating creation of medical documents and the day to day work of it’s team.

The Norwegian multinational NETS is one of the main payment providers in Europe, carrying out millions of transactions annually. Having a digital time stamp service, such as that of Firmaprofesional, has been vital for their daily management and for signing tens of thousands of electronic invoices.

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